MEASURE FOR MEASURE (Mercury Glass Theatre Company)

"While Shakespeare may not have explicitly imagined his characters in the form of [...] what can only be described as a Jersey Shore "Pauly D" version of [...] loud-mouthed bachelor Lucio (Adam Ziv), it certainly works.  [...] Needless to say, the well-executed comedic timing of Waller's dynamic cast is most notable. [...] caricatured, hilarious, and sometimes crude." -


HALF (2013 NYC Fringe Festival)

 "Two actors playing six roles between them, often when more than one set of characters is on stage at a time, might seem a painfully confusing way to do a show, but Rebecca Foresman and Adam Ziv are up to the challenge [...] Each character has a distinct voice and physicality. Ziv, a trained dancer, is especially good physically [...] I previously saw Ziv in Cosi, [...] here he truly gets a chance to show what he can do. [...] The play is highly amusing and entertaining, and well worth it to see these two fantastic actors and grand technicians go full-throttle through this giddy fairy tale." -

"No really. It's very funny. [...] emotionally moving and thoughtful [...] I can't recommend this show highly enough! " -

"The king and queen, their two royal subjects/children, and their two chief advisors/gay bff and therapist are all played by the shows' two extremely committed and talented actors: Adam Ziv and Becca Foresman." - Interview


COSI (Australian Made Entertainment)

“While much of the play is focused on the comedic ensemble, Lewis’s coming-of-age arc is the story’s center. Adam Ziv sensitively embodies the spineless Lewis alive at the play’s beginning, but masterfully allows the character to transform with every scene, eventually discovering his values and standing up to his girlfriend (Olivia Etzine) and arrogant friend Nick (Zach Bubolo). Ziv is exactly the likeable boy next door needed to hold the play together.”  - Show Business Weekly

“Ziv, in the lead, isn’t given much to do by the script except play the charismatic straight man to the crazy around him, but he pulls it off well, with his expressive face leaving no doubt as to his character’s feelings.”- Broadway World Reviews

“Adam Ziv plays Lewis with a gentle manner and a good amount of skepticism.” - Eye On Dance and the Arts


A DOLL’S HOUSE (Princeton Summer Theater)

“Mr. Ziv’s Krogstad — well dressed, articulate, and thoroughly convincing — almost steals the show. Does our current economic climate make us particularly sympathetic to a man who, after many years of financial struggles, is about to lose his job? A formidable antagonist, demanding that Nora help him, threatening to reveal her past offenses, this Krogstad is utterly smooth, persuasive, and sympathetic in pleading his case and winning over the audience.” - Town Topics


BAREFOOT IN THE PARK (Princeton Summer Theater)

 “Ms. Wenitsky and Mr. Bevis are particularly strong, focused, and likable as the young marrieds, with Adam Ziv delivering a tour de force performance as the charming, heavily accented bohemian neighbor Victor Velasco, swooping in with red beret, plaid jacket, and ascot to liven up the proceedings and, both literally and figuratively, sweep Corie’s uptight New Jersey mother off her feet.”- Town Topics